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Directory website (ListingPro) with extensive theme/plugin modification

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About this Site

A large (ongoing) project for a directory website using a child theme of ListingPro and the BuddyBoss Platform plugin. Both are heavily modified to fit the client’s needs. I worked with a couple of other developers on this project. We tracked tasks using Monday, communicated using Slack, and worked using both Flywheel (Local) and GitHub, primarily committing changes to our own feature branches.

Completed Tasks

All of the tasks I completed required either theme or plugin modification. I became much faster at identifying the relevant pieces of code in the theme/plugin and figuring out how to override it in such a way that there shouldn’t be issues if the theme/plugin ever needs to be updated.

Skills Demonstrated

Skills Demonstrated

  • Child Themes
  • Plugin Modification
  • PHP/JS Form Handling & Validation
  • ListingPro
  • OG Metadata Scraping
  • Monday
  • Cropper.js
  • Theme Modification
  • Filters/Hooks
  • Redux Framework
  • BuddyBoss Platform
  • Git/GitHub
  • Slack
  • Sass